Special concepts

Dedert ice is a company with particular focus on innovation both for the young and adult consumer. This focus resulted in the event that we have engaged in unusual concepts and cooperations in the past couple of years. These concepts are unique and very distinctive. Buf we are not done yet. We will continue developing new and very unusual tastes and surprise the consumer.


In 2012 chef Hans van Wolde, owner of two star restaurant Beluga in Maastricht, produced an ice cream that is bitter, sweet and sourish. A taste sensation that is unprecedented. The ice cream called Tropical Coco Shuffle consists of a combination of pineapple, coconut, lemon, passion fruit and banana tastes.

New tastes

After the succes of the Tropical Coco Shuffle, Hans van Wolde produced two other flavors.

  • The Coco & Choco is a combination of sweet coconut with a layer of dark chocolate.
  • The Mini Coco Tropical is a combination of sweet and fresh passion fruit and mango ice cream.

We will roll out the concept even further together with Hans van Wolde. With emphasis on fresh, healthy, tasty and pure.


Alcohol ice

Another new concept is the production of ice cream with a percentage of alcohol, especially for the adult ice eater."Icemxx Sticks offers a new original taste experience combining ice cream & alcohol."

Alcohol ijs

Biological ice

Biological, tasty and healthy is absolutely the new lifestyle. We produce biological ice for a large amount of markets in Europe. The market is still growing.

Biologisch ijs - Nice fruitijsjes

Kosher ice

The market for kosher ice is growing. At the moment we ship to the United States, England, Belgium, France and Israel. The ice cream is produced in a very careful manner and meets all requirements.


Cool energy

"A taste experience in the freezer of the most consumed soft drink among young people between 15 and 25 years.This creates additional turnover in your freezer.

Global energy drink consumption grew by 14% in 2011 compared to the previous year, to 4.8 billion liters. Over the last five years, consumption has risen by about 10% annually. In 2011, the global energy drinks market was worth $37 billion.

Energy drinks remain the most dynamic segment in the soft drinks market, with strong growth in most countries."

Cool energy